I am in a trade/technical school; am I still eligible?

Yes. As long as you are enrolled in an institution of higher education you are eligible to enter. This includes Vocational School (Trade School), Community College (Junior College),Institutes of Technology, Art and Design Schools, Liberal Arts College, Private or Public Universities or Online Colleges.

I am not a US citizen; am I still eligible?

Unfortunately no. For legal reasons this contest is only open to legal US Citizens and Residents. 

I go to school out of the country but am a U.S. Citizen, can I still enter a contest submission?

Yes. As long as you are a US Citizen or Permanent US Resident you are eligible to enter the contest. 


What kind of submission is required for this contest?

In order to enter the contest you register on our application page. Registering means submitting your email address which will sign you up as a member of the Info Click. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish however you must be signed up as a member in order to be eligible for the contest. Instructions will be sent to your email address which will include what to listen for in episode 151 and details on the writing assignment. Entering the contest means that you agree to the contest rules. See contest rules here. 


How many words min/max will the submission be?

The writing assignment will be a word count of 150 min and 500 max, one page, single spaced. More details will be included in the follow up email after entry.  


Can I enter multiple times? 

Yes and no. This contest is limited to one entry per contest. You may only enter the contest once per quarter. If you enter the contest and win, you are not eligible to re-enter the contest for a full year. If you enter the contest and are not selected, you may enter the next contest the following quarter if there happens to be another contest. See contest rules under “How to Enter” for more details. 


Where do I submit my final entry submission paper?

You will submit your final paper via email to an email given to you via email after you enter.

When will you announce the winner?

The winner will be announced on March 31, 2021 live on an episode of The Uninformed States of America Podcast.  We will also communicate with the winner via email. If the winner does not claim their prize within 30 days, we will select a new winner. 

How will I receive the money?

You will receive the prize money in the form of a check once your identity has been verified and you sign a few documents pertaining to verification. 


What do I need to verify in order to receive payment?

You need to verify that you are a US Citizen, that you are 18 years old, that you are enrolled in school. See the official rules page for more information. 


What is the age limit for this contest?

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to enter. 


When is the last date I can send in my submission?

Submissions will be accepted until March 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. Any submissions submitted after that date will not qualify. 

If you did not see an answer to your question or you need more information please contact us or send an email to