The Riley Now University Fund is a grant created by the producers of The Uninformed States of America Podcast and Franek Technologies in order to provide a little financial assistance to enrolled college students. Franek Technologies and The USA Podcast want to use 2021 as an opportunity to give back to the community as well as give a boost to the young leaders of the future. With that in mind they created a contest that does just that. The Riley University Fund is a contest that will take place every quarter throughout 2021 and will give college students an opportunity to earn $500 towards any school expenses of their choice. Whether that be for books, tuition, electronics, food, fuel, rent, etc. We want to help tomorrow’s young leaders with whatever we can so they can focus a little more on getting an education rather than piling up more debt. 

The Uninformed States of America Podcast is hosted by Mike Riley on The Young Angels Network. Franek Technologies, Inc. is the leader in Laboratory Power Protection Systems medical grade (LPS/UPS) and it is our mission to service the vitally important work being done in laboratories worldwide for analytical, research and diagnostic purposes.